At a time when the instant noodles controversy was at its peak, Ramdev announced that he’d be launching his own brand of noodles pretty soon. He also said that these won’t be made with maida but with a healthier alternative. He also said that the noodles won’t be harmful to a person and won’t be addictive.

The time has come when claims become reality. On Thursday, baba Ramdev launched ‘Atta Noodles’ his new brand of noodles that are made with wheat. At the launch of the noodles in this Hindu holy city in Uttarakhand, Ramdev said the noodles “will not have any maida (flour) and they will provide a healthy alternative to Maggi for children.” The yoga guru said the noodles were completely safe and healthy for consumption, and he was promoting swadeshi products because they were natural and caused no harm.

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Courtesy – NDTV


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