Punjabi Lehran is a versatile media group that has been active in the Radio broadcasting world, for over 25 years.

We are proud to have patronage of more than 100,000 listeners from the South Asian community, covering all of Ontario. On prime time, scores of individuals tune in to enjoy the music, talk shows, current issues and news from India, Pakistan and other countries from the sub-continent.

Airing on CHLO AM530, Satinderpal Sidhwan launched Punjabi Lehran Radio in Toronto, Canada, in 1995. Among many hosts and speakers, Satinderpal has remained the anchor, producer and director of the show. After 25 years, he has become a well renowned figure in the South Asian community and has maintained the authenticity of the culture on the show.

Satinderpal has since passed down the day to day operations to his son, Navi Sidhu. Navi is successfully following in his father’s footsteps and has also become one of the most popular listened to voices in the South Asian Community. The entire Punjabi Lehran team is dedicated to serving the community, and our passion for Radio will continue to propel us forward.