Mr. Satinderpal Singh Sidhwan started this radio show in 1995 in Toronto, Canada. At that time it was broadcast on CJMR 1320 radio station. It was run seven days a week. In the year 2000 the show was moved to AM 530. Among many hosts and speakers, Mr. Satinderpal Singh Sidhwan has always been the anchor, producer and director of the show.

Satinderpal Singh Sidhwan is a well renowned name in the Punjabi culture and media for many years in India, England, Canada and the US. With his background and experience Satinderpal Singh has maintained the authenticity of the Punjabi culture in the show.

Punjabi is the language of the Punjabis. Like every ethnicity, Punjabis also love their language and go to great lengths for its promotion. We, Punjabi Lehran, are a group of dedicated individuals who take pride in promoting the Punjabi language.

Satinderpal Singh Sidhwan is a graduate from Guru Nanak Engineering College, Ludhiana. He though was more inclined towards music and arts hence began his full time professional career with his Late father Kavishar Ranjit Singh Ji Sidhwan. Both father and son travelled the world as Dhadi jatha and were very popular for their performances. Mr. Sidhwan has recorded albums with HMV during those days and made a name for himself in Punjab as well as overseas. Sh. Satinderpal Ji now lives with his wife and 3 adorable children in Brampton, Canada. The whole family shares the same passion and is devoted to the cause of serving the Punjabi culture.

Ours is one of the most widely listened to Punjabi Radio show that comprises of talk shows, LIVE news, current affairs, interviews, local information, entertainment from Bollywood and a lot more items of entertainment. Punjabi Lehran hosts multicultural shows and events all the time. These events are LIVE concerts, Boat Cruises and stage shows. Mr. Sidhwan has a passion about the Punjabi and Indian heritage. He devotes his time to serve this culture any which way possible. His family is equally involved and endorses his interests.

Kavishar Ranjit Singh Ji Sidhwan used to sing with and without music. As most of us know that to sing unplugged is no ordinary skill, but Kavishar ji was a master of it. Kavishar ji was honoured with prestigious awards like Prof. Mohan Singh Award, Prof. Sohan Singh Sital Award and Amar Singh Award. He had the company of Shiromani Kavishar Sh. Karnail SIngh ji Paras Ramuwalia and Sh. Chann Singh Jandi during his singing career. Though ‘Papa Ji’ as Sh. Satinderpal Ji calls his father as is no more among us, but we are honoured and proud to have his outstanding memories as a great individual, professional singer and a caring father.